The influx of new members allows the association to continue increasing its membership of both tourist accommodation rental agencies and owners of apartment blocks and HUT properties, while continuing to develop its initiatives. Such growth helps to build up a critical mass within the offering of accommodation throughout the province, providing greater guarantees in addressing new challenges, such as the legal compliance campaign. The aim of this campaign, in partnership with the Directorate-General for Tourism, is to combat unfair competition and monitor the quality of establishments. Such a situation likewise provides greater influence with public authorities.

We aim to continue growing to ensure that all the services that the association offers can continue to expand, giving us greater prominence and making our voice heard more loudly, with the ATA remaining the "umbrella organisation" for the sector, the LANDMARK ASSOCIATION!

In order to join the ATA, there are three basic principles that must be fulfilled:

  • The rental accommodation must be located in the province of Girona.
  • It must be legally registered as an HUT or AT, or otherwise the ATA will offer assistance in processing registration.
  • Agents must have a customer service office. AT owners must have a reception desk, and HUT owners a 24-hour phone line.

Once members have joined the ATA they have access to the support offered by an association committed to improving the protection and defence of the interests of its members through the association movement, so as to participate in decisions affecting the sector and encourage cohesion. Joining up means enjoying the services offered by the ATA, the support of the professionals on its technical team, access to specialist training and the latest information about all aspects affecting our sector.

We invite you to join our association, an association which will give you better positioning and more business in the tourism marketplace.

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