Our aims at the ATA are to promote the development of Girona's apartment sector and extend the following aspects:

1. Protection and defence of the interests of our members.
2. Online and off-line usage and marketing.
3. Institutional presence: representing members on the leading district, provincial, regional and national organisations.
4. Cohesion of the sector.
5. Actions to improve legal compliance.
6. Promotion of the introduction of quality systems within our sector, such as categorisation.
7. Establishment of channels for dialogue and cooperation with public authorities regarding aspects connected with our companies.
8. Generation of synergies among members.
9. Promotion of the products of our members via the website and the publication of a corporate brochure; presence at national and international tourism trade fairs and workshops, and on official promotional bodies, such as municipal tourist offices and tourism promotion centres in Catalonia based in source markets.

In order to achieve optimal administration of the ATA, a governance structure comprising a number of separate bodies has been established:

The General Assembly, made up of all members of the ATA at their yearly gathering. Its tasks include, among others: election of the Executive Board that will run of the Association for an extendable period of four years, approval of budgets, debate of strategic operational approaches and specific initiatives proposed by the Board for the following year.


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