What is the best time to book your apartment?

It is not always easy to choose destinations and get the ideal conditions for us, but you can follow recommendations to go to a good site:

1.- Book well in advance, there are destinations that are booked very fast because the tourism that goes to that place is foreign, they ar accustomed to do so well in advance. Our Associates recommend reserving the summer vacation between December and January. Foreign tourists book much earlier than nationals.

2.- According to a Trivago study, Spain is the country of Europe that has to be booked before (between 4-7 weeks), ahead of the United Kingdom (4-5 weeks), Germany (3-4 weeks), Italy (3-6 weeks) or France (2-5 weeks). Therefore, if you move within the country, it is better to plan the vacation beforehand.

3.- Look at the web pages of travel agencies and their social networks. They usually take out offers. You can also visit our offers section or do a search on the specialized professional websites with the best offers on the market. We always recommend going on insurance and booking with trusted professionals.

4.- Do not look only one destination. It is better to see the different offers available and choose the one that best fits your budget. Let yourself be advised!

5.- Important! Make sure that the apartment or villa you are reserving is legalized. Always check this information. In Catalonia, the registration of legalization always begins by HUT or AT followed by a numbering.

And what better than to be able to choose your vacations in the province of Girona. We are an Association with an offer of more than 10,000 apartments and villas located in the Pyrenees, Inside and Costa Brava. We can help you find the destination of the province that best suits your needs. And remember, in December and January, are the best months to book your vacation!

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