What can happen if you hired an illegal apartment?

Internet has changed the way of renting our apartment and you’ll find that some are illegal, and therefore don’t exist or you find that is already rented.

How can you avoid an illegal apartment?

First, you have to keep in mind that the tourist accommodation establishments starting their activity in Catalonia have to register the Tourism Register of Catalonia, in accordance with Article 67.1j of the Tourism Law of Catalonia. Therefore, it’s required to have their own apartment legalized.

What can you do you think that the apartment is illegal?

- Before making the reservation. Decree that regulates notes that the tourist accommodation have to indicate in their advertising the number of legalization, which in all cases starts with the acronym HUT or AT. If you can’t see this, unless you are in front of an illegal apartment.
- Before making the reservation. Comparably priced too low, they may suggest that this is an apartment that does not comply with the law. Do not waste your vacation by renting cheaper.
- At the time of booking. There needs to be a contract between the two parties at the time of booking, which will underwrite as in person and remotely.
- After booking. Doubt when the dialogue between the two sides is just nonexistent.
- On your arrival. You have to provide check-in service.
- During the stay. You have to provide at least one telephone service 24h, in case you run into any problems in the room.
- During the stay. You have to request data from all occupants, this means they are complying with the safety regulations of the Dirección General de Policía.
- During the stay. You have to charge the tourist tax. In this way compliance is ensured by the Tax Agency.

For save receive an inspection visit and all the hype that goes with it, your success is key to locate more illegal apartments and to open disciplinary proceedings towards the owner. The moment you doubt that an apartment is not legalized, it is very important to report it. Never rent an apartment without knowing if it is legalized, you can fall into the trap that it does not exist or that is already occupied.

The collaborative economy has changed the traditional way of tourism. More and more people rent an apartment to save money, since it is one of the most important expenses when traveling. In the post we discussed last month, Staying in family in an apartment. Moreover, it is also a tourism power by gradually consolidating. Regulate is the best way to grow this economy in this country. All tourist apartments should be regularized and it is very important for safety and for the comfort of tourists. A holiday apartment that is not legalized may impose a sanction that can range from 3,000 to 600,000 euros.

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