The opinions who have stayed before you are essential, but alert!

- Because everyone wants to know what features have the apartment or house you want to rent. Have preliminary information the apartment, such as whether there is option Wi-Fi, air conditioning equipment, or have environmental data, such as entertainment areas nearby, the distance from the sea (it might not be the same to be 100 meters the sea from the beach), etc. In short, the comments from previous guests say a lot of housing. They help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

- Why have a positive or negative comment doesn’t mean it is reliable. You have to be guided by that house that has more comments and will help choose and compare with others. But alert with the comments that you see suspicious or fake.

- Often Look more in the comments of the host response to other comments that a comment from a customer. People can create false to disparage a housing profiles, but the profile of the host cannot be false.

In short, the comments are an essential weight in the quality of accommodation, but not only have to value the opinions, also have to assess the characteristics, location, writing the host over the house, photographs, etc. You have to evaluate all the opinions that really will make you decide for the best choice!

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