Staying in family in an apartment

- You save money because costs can be controlled and the price can be cheaper depending on the number of people.
- You reduce important costs such as meals. Eating in a restaurant or an hotel can easily increase your budget. In an apartment, you can use the kitchen all day and buy at the supermarket. Is a good choice to control diet costs while having an equipped kitchen without worrying about anything else.
- You can use the kitchen to cook km0 products. As if you were at home, it's easier to prepare meals for babies or people with food intolerance.
- You can choose the apartment or home that best suits your (and your family) necessities: the number of bedrooms, Wi-Fi, kitchen, bathrooms or the location. You can all be together under the same roof.
- You will have access to the essential home appliances at any time.
- In order to be 100% familiar, a lot of apartments accept any kind of pets.
- You will have freedom relating to the timetable. More space and independence without worrying about arriving late or missing the breakfast time. Live at your own pace!

On the ATA website we offer a range of apartments and houses, finding the one that best suits your necessities. Living some days or weeks in an apartment can save you a lot of money, as well as making the best of your time there.

Which is the best way of spending the holidays with your family than hosting in an apartment?

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