Indianos Fair
The Indianos Fair consists of three days of festivities and tradition in the streets of Begur. Every year, in early September, the town exudes the essence of old Havana and relives the golden age of the Spanish colonies in the West Indies. This cultural and fun journey to the past is the result of the strong relationship between Cuba and Begur. Many townsfolk left Begur for Cuba in the 19th century to seek their fortune there, forced to a large extent by the crisis in the Catalan countryside caused by the phylloxera epidemic. Some of those who ventured to cross the Atlantic, also popularly known as the Americanos, prospered in business and on returning to their homeland constructed ostentatious mansions and contributed to the building of hospitals, casinos, town squares and other public works that still stand in Begur today. In addition to architecture, the influence of the Cuban lifestyle spread to other areas of the lives of Begur's residents, such as gastronomy and music. At the Indianos Fair you're encouraged to wear a straw hat or bandanna and white linen clothing to really blend into the period atmosphere. Sip on mojitos, coffee and rum, and try some tasty dishes typical of the West Indies, served in public dining areas. There is also plenty of dancing and you'll be hooked by those catchy Cuban rhythms. The fair also features stalls selling typical colonial products, comparses (street-dancing parades), performances by children, an exhibition of traditional trades and concerts of havaneres (colonial shanties). Together with other towns on the Costa Brava, Begur has created the Network of Indiano Towns, which has the goal of raising the profile of Indiano heritage and keeping alive the memory of the period.
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