Apartments and holiday villas for all pockets. What determines the price?

Holiday for every kind of pocket

Spring arrives, we have a good weather, the flowers are growing and the temperature stars to go up.  We pass the winter and you can only think about summer. From ATA we advice you how to choise the perfect apartment or village. Because always you can save money if you choose correctly.

So , what depends on the price of apartments and village ?

-    At the first place, the price of the apartment or the village depends on the capacity that it has. It’s not the same 2 an apartment for 2 people that for 8. So, you choise and book depending on the number of persons you will be.
-    On the second place, the Price depends on the kind of the building you choise, it’s not the same if you choise and apartment or a village, also the equipment influence in the price ( for example if it has a pool), the proximity to the sea, or a sky station, or to the center of the town/city also influence in the price.
-    At the third place, the long of your journey, as long as you stay usually the price is better, it isn’t the same a weekend stay than a stay of 7 nights, comparatively.
-    At the fourth place, if  you are going to stay in hight season, or midel or low season. For example, on the coast, at summer is hight season, so you will find better prices at autumn or winter. On the other hand in the mountain the hight season it’s at winter. If you want to stay in the city, we have offers all year, if you avoid summer or holidays you will find better prices.
-    At the fifht place, if it has and extra service like cleaning of the building, parking, Wi-Fi. All depends on the options that are avaiable.

But not all depends on the building, the season or the service that it offers. Do you know that the same apartment can be more expensive?  Often we are guide by offers very cheapers that we find in diferent book places. Be carefully! It’s possible that you are booking a ilegall apartment or and apartament that does not exist.

In every advice you have to check the legalization number, if you are going to book in Girona you will see with HUTG and AT abbreviations follow by a serie of numbers. Moreover if you have any questions or dubts you can chek the legacity in this links HUGT and AT. You won’t be the first that arrives at the destinity and find that the apartment doesn’t exist. At this case book too cheap it’s the same top pay the double or more expensive. At our website we ensure the tranquility 100%.

You don’t make that and a cheaper apartment it makes you pay a lot!

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